Monday, January 14


If you are looking for a serious app with a cool interface, BrainPOP is your app.

BrainPOP is an educational app covering most subjects in the curriculum. It is highly appropriate for K4 to K9 students (upper primary to lower secondary education), and in the free section theres a variety of animations dealing with relevant topics for specific areas of knowledge.

BrainPOPs structure is fairly simple. Choose the subject where you want to find stuff, look at the list of free available topics (There are more topics on a subscription basis) and choose one. An animation will play with our friendly guest robot, the image of BrainPOP. A clear explanation of the topic is given with scenarios, graphics and voice. Children can read the script as they listen to the explanation.

Once the animation is finished, children can make a quiz about the ideas elicited in the animation.

Children can keep the score of the quiz in a ranking list, which makes BrainPOP also engaging for those children who like to play together with other friends and compare results.

BrainPOP is an ideal app for children who want to learn about a specific topics and like cartoon-like animations. It is also good in ESL/ELT as it is in English and the script of the animation appears under it.

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