Monday, June 10

Classic tales on the school

Classic tales are a fabulous resource for kids. They all love stories. Familiar characters can be the focal point, giving meaning and context to odd words learned in isolation. Children can absorb the structure of languages ubconsciously as well as hear familiar words they know. Short stories allow children to hear and understand far more languages than any other method. These stories are the best resource to teach in a fun and effective way. Educational studies have shown that children of a young age are highly receptive to language learning. Never before learning languages was so easy and funny.

Classic tales are the best resource for parents and teachers willing to teach in a fun and effective way. The value ofstorytelling as part of education and family life. Stories have an incredible educative value children love them!

If you are an education pro, you know better than anyone about the benefits of stories. Browse this app on your own. Our varied and top quality resources will make your children happy. Thousands of kids are using the mright now!

There are numerous writings of very reputable people talking about the many benefits of classic tales, not only in children education, but in family life. The greatests benefits of education are:

- The ability that has a story to convey values

- The usefulness of stories to teach new things

- The ability to establish a strong link with the kids

- The best way to help counter act the lack of attention that many children are suffering nowadays

- An incredibly effective too lt analyze childrens behaviors

Classic tales sorted by values: cooperation, cleverness, constancy,enthusiasm, overcoming, creativity, patience, responsibility, peace, perseverance, tolerance, bravery, self control, generosity, imagination, teamwork, humility, optimism, sharing

Here there are some examples of story tales for school by @planetfactory

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