Thursday, May 16

Creative Apps

There are so many creative apps that you can use in your classroom to make your students more participative.


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Here we show you two video editing apps. They are an easy way to create your own video files and share them with everyone. You can find more information on the AppStore.

iMovie: http://goo.gl/Krv6

ReelDirector: http://goo.gl/I5lNP



Audioboo is an app to share and record your audio files. The free version, allows you to record and share audios up to five minutes audio. If you have an audioboo account you can share them on Facebook and Twitter and download another audioboo files.

More on Apple Store. http://goo.gl/0slrT



Make mp4 videos of your pictures. Also, you can record your voice and add it to your files. After that, you can share it with your friends or family.

More on Apple Store. http://goo.gl/IkT5U


Animoto allows you to edit your pictures and convert them to a video file. Also, you can share it with everyone.

More on Apple Store. http://goo.gl/gYhW7


Puppet Pals

Puppet Pals is an app to make animation and audio files. You can make your own stories, dragging characters and record their voices.

More on Apple Store. http://goo.gl/TdTRP


Toonastic is an app to make your own cartoons. You can draw your own animations and share it with your friends.

More on Apple Store. http://goo.gl/75UyM


pan>What is about?. Doink can allow you to draw your animation step by step and then reproduce as a video file. Choose your colors, backgrounds and just be creative.

More on Apple Store. http://goo.gl/QKqlM

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