Sunday, February 24

Green Up

Recommended ages: 5-12
Educational app rating: ★★★★★
Funny app rating: ★★
App Store Customer Ratings: ★★★★★
What children learn: natural science
Can children play alone: yes
Language: English

Price: 1.59

The main goal at Green Up is to learn how to grow plants and learning the basics of biodiversity. Children learn about plants and seeds as they play by growing different species: Strawberries in the woods, palm trees in the desert or carnivorous plants in the jungle. Facts are presented in a very neat way, easy to understand and directly connected to the playing aspect of the app.

Climate and its features, the way it shapes the landscape and affects the growth of plants, and also the way we humans can affect that same growth with fertilizers and pesticides are portrayed in a very easy way. All children can easily grasp the idea

of the game and play as they learn.
Practical activities take children closer to the world of gardening as well, turning the Green Up into a catchy application they want to play over and over. When achievements are reached, children can collect them into nice colourful digital albums that can be shared with others.

This blend of education and exciting adventure is present throughout the activities, and it makes Green Up a perfect app for those who want to learn on the go as they learn how to grow a plant!

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