Monday, March 18

IPad in Schools (in US)

The iPad is making significant inroads in schools. Just over a month ago when Apple announced iBooks Author software and the iBooks textbook distribution method, Apples Phil Schiller said that 1.5 million iPads were in use in education settings, leveraging more than 20,000 education applications. While thats a small number compared to the total number of students in the US, there are a number of recent announcements that will add to those numbers.

The state of Texas likes to do things big. In an announcement today, McAllen Independent School District in the southern part of the state began distributing 6,800 devices this week mostly the iPad tablet computers, but also hundreds of iPod Touch devices for its youngest students.

Zeeland Public Schools in Michigan gave 1,800 iPads to all of its high school students last fall and hopes to eventually cover every student in grades 3-12. Chicago Public Schools bought about 10,000 iPads and some individual schools in the district have bought more using discretionary funds, but its far from districtwide.

School Districts in Southern California are purchasing iPads for their classrooms. The biggest roll out by far will be done by the San Diego Unified School District, which announced late Monday it will be purchasing close to 20,000 iPads for its fifth- and eighth- grade classes and select high school subjects this spring.

According to the literacy test results, classes using the iPads outperformed the non-iPad students in every literacy measure they were test on.

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