Sunday, March 17

iPad, no alien..

iPad is not an alien. Its easy to use and accessible to everyone. If you have some problems, you are in the right place because today we will explain some tricks to use it.

Apps! To download and app all

you need to do is going to App Store and searching for what do you want. If its a free app you just download all times you want. If you are a school or company and you want to buy an app and installed in a different iOS Device, you need a special license.

Working with more than one screen! Apple works with different screens in the iPad as in the Macs computer. But dont worry because it not that difficult. On the iPad, you have one home screen which you can find the home button. The problem is when you download an app, this doesnt install in your home screen, but you can search it in the home button. Another important thing is that you can work with 12 screens no more.

Connecting my devices! Apple system is a bit different to windows system. The best way is using iTunes which allows you to sync your apps, videos, photos, audios, playlists and podcasts with your computer. One thing you need to know if that if you change anything to the iTunes Library all devices will upon the nest sync.

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