Wednesday, June 12

Is Evernote useful in the school?

Evernote is an application increasingly used in the schools. One example is on Montclaire Kimberly Academy (MKA), one co-educational private school in the New Jersey who implemented a 1:1 program for all students between 4-12 years old. This program consists to give a laptop and Evernote  every student school. Bill Stites, the Director of technology of MKA, said that Evernote is useful on the education because you can put so many different types of media into Evernote and have it be indexable and searchabale from any device. *

So, why is Evernote useful for teachers?

Evernote allows you to plan and organize your classes with tags, share them with other teachers, make your timelines, prepare material for your absence, share content with the students and make feedback of students works and exams.

And why is useful for a students?

Students can write or share notes, organize their sources of information, share feedback with teachers, create your audio study materials or collaborate on group projects.

So, Evernote is a technology application which brings the school outside the classroom. Allow to connecting teachers to their students for helping in the learning process through iPads, phones, computers, iPods and other devices.

The experience in Montclaire Kimberly Academy


More information to learn how to use it: schools.evernote.com

*Evernote Report. Evernote in the classroom. Montclair Kimberly Academy.

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