Thursday, February 21

Not the average art coloring book


ages: 2-5.
Educational app rating: ★★★
Funny app rating: ★★★★
App Store Customer Ratings: ★★★★★
What kids learn: Colors and dexterity painting.
Can kids play alone: yes
Language: English
Price: $0.99

Art Coloring Book is available for iPad and iPod Touch. Kids will learn colors, dexterity and drawing in an easy and funny way based on geometrical shapes.
More than 25 pictures to color, 5 image themes, 45 colors and 15 patterns to have fun among colors. Also, 2/5-year-old children will be able to share drawings with their friends through email, Facebook or Twitter.
This app will be useful to parents because children will have hours of fun without spoiling any wall.

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