Monday, April 1

One app, one student

There are so many apps for education; apps to share information schedule your tasks and connect with your students or teachers. But we can use them for something else?

Not every student has the same skills so they have different learning process.

Often is difficult to pay attention on that because teachers do the same content for everyone. Now, with apps it could change. Teachers dont need to use the same app in the same classroom because they can use a different app for every student. In this way, the students can be more independent and teacher will be a support helping students in their learning process.

Also, teachers can paid more attention to special students. Apps can help autism or other special students to integrate in their classrooms, and give them their time learning.


Choosing the best app!

To choose the best app for each student, first its important to think about what she/he needs to learn and your learning goal. When you have it, choose which app it will require: app for improve a skill, access to information or creation a product.

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