Monday, January 14

What Storia is about?

Storias app is a kids e-book market from Scholastic company. This is a free app that comes with 5 free e-books, to get more you need to buy them. You can find over than 1,000 childrens e-books in its library from the ages 3 to 14.

rong>What you can do or find in a Storia?

Audio narration, pronunciation tools, phonics and vocabulary activities, take notes, highlight text and access videos are some things that these e-books can do, depends of the age of children. Also, in the Storia library you can find Enrich e-books. These contain: word games, story interactions and activities to develop comprehension and critical thinking skills, depends of the age too.

The role of parents

E-books from Storia also involucrate parents of children. They can know what new words were learned by their children through reading the e-books, how many pages were read and

how long your child spent reading each day.

Where you can buy it


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