Sunday, July 7

Why use iPads for learning in 10 reasons

1- The iPad is a tactile and engaging mobile device which could transform the way people learn.

2- It will help to personalise learning

3- Its a blank canvas the scope for apps written specifically for teaching and learning is huge. Educationalists can work with developers to create new and innovative software which reflect the learners needs and expectations in technology.

4- The iPad can be an anywhere anytime learning device. This makes it ideal for projects and learning which take place out of the classroom, in the schools grounds, on a day visit or residential stay.

5- Instant-on & all-day battery. Its possible to get on the net and find the information you require using an iPad before a laptop has finished running through its boot-up sequence.

6- No more ICT suites too many schools segregate their technology from everyday teaching and learning by placing it often in a dark, windowless room and timetabling when learners can access computers.

7- Auto-Save the apps which run the iPad (and other iOS devices) signal the way forward when it comes to saving work learners produce and create. Saving files takes place automatically behind the scenes constantly in the background, which means learners (and teachers) know their work is always safe.

8- Could be the beginning of the end of the dominance of networks in education

9- Could also be the start of a large reduction in the role of the technician in providing the technical support many schools need with their technology.

10- When all the potential functionality of the iPad is added up, its form factor, the iOS, the cameras, and the apps, it becomes clear that the iPad is a Personal Learning Studio. It can be a science lab, literacy tool, research station, history archive, language lab, art canvas, music studio, video editing suite, games console and library.

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