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Multiplatform functionality

MakerPF is an innovative authoring tool which enables publishers and editors to quickly and easy create, develop and publish interactive educational digital content without technical or programming support. With the easy-to-use software, the same people who conceptualisedised an idea can deliver amazing multi-platform content, in just a few clicks.

In MakerPF you simply open a new project, choose an activity and load the content. Once created, your activities can be exported to current platforms without further programming.

MakerPF is a superb solution for anyone working in educational content creation.

More about MakerPF
Business advantages

MakerPF will bring significant competitive advantages to companies who incorporate it into their system, by decreasing production time, keeping control and increasing productivity. The new software reduces programming time by over 90%, yet will work on all formats of digital media including smartphones, tablets and PC’s, regardless of make. MakerPF also standardises the process with improved controls during development and production, is fully mulitlingual with unlimited capacity, and it can deliver a return-on-investment after just sets of activities.

User advantages

Editors will be able to create, update and modify their ideas without the need for technical input, allowing them to focus on the target customer and the content of the project. For example, you could integrate key teaching methods or embed learning objects such as critical thinking, creativity and collaboration. The software is intuitive, easy-to-use and can incorporate all content types and graphic styles such as – text, illustration, audio, games, etc.

Technical advantages

Technically, MakerPF has been developed with the following criteria in mind: ease-of-use, scalability, user-error checking, and multi-platform output.  Extremely instinctive and suitable for any computer user, MakerPF cuts duplication of activities, reduces editing errors and runs full code verification prior to implementation across HTLM5, iOS and Android, etc. It is also continually updated as new standards emerge.
Thanks to its HTML5 output, it can be embedded into any platform, such as iBook Author or custom digital eBook or it can run as a stand-alone activity.