23rd April
This Sant Jordi give books and roses, read and love.

Each year as the day approaches, we are faced with the image of the bloodthirsty knight, the princess and the fierce dragon. And, today, the 23rd April has arrived, Sant Jordi. Day of legends, roses and books, and also a day of streets full of people looking for and examining between stands of books and roses.

It is nice to walk through the streets and see people with roses in their hands, grinning from ear to ear. To see families looking for the most appropriate book for the little ones, wondering if they can hook them with the pleasure of reading. To see couples, old and young ones, leaving the shame at home and showing their love and happiness along the streets carrying a rose or a book.

The tradition is very beautiful. But on this very special day we want to dedicate you a few words from a person who is even more special for us: Joana Raspall.

'Happy day to all the princesses who want to ride a horse, who do not expect to be saved and who eat the marzipan rose! Happy day to all the knights who know more and want more than just stain themselves with blood, to all the knights that are creative and noble with themselves and allow others to saved them when needed! Happy day to all the dragons that fight to find their place in the world, who challenge the prejudices of their surroundings to rediscover themselves and offer everything they have inside! Happy day to everyone who enjoys who they are and where they come from and are still ready to think - aloud and loudly – about the place where they want to go! '- Joana Raspall