Recovering the night
Interactive to raise awareness of light pollution in urban spaces.

Go outside and have a look at the sky. The following step should be contemplating the immensity of the universe and count stars. Looking at the sky is easy but what it is not is seeing the stars.

The over-lighting not only affects us, according to the Atlas of Light Pollution more than 80% of the world and more than 99% of the towns in United States and Europe live under a light-polluted sky. The Milky Way remains hidden to more than a third of the humanity, including 60% of Europeans and nearly 80% of the Americans. In many places, the night has already disappeared.

On behalf of the Department of Territory and Sustainability of Generalitat of Catalonia, we have developed an interactive to raise awareness of light pollution in urban spaces. This interactive will be used in schools as a pedagogical resource to sensitize children; several actions to reduce the pollution will be proposed to them while playing.

Let's put our effort into this cause and make nights darker; among all we can go outside on the street, look at the sky and, with a bit of luck, be able to count stars.