Campaign #estimalanitmanresa
La Factoria developed on behalf of the council of Manresa part of the #estimalanitmanresa campaign, a campaign against sexist aggressions and to promote responsible consumption during the Festa Major of Manresa.

The campaign took place in Plana de l'Om and in Sant Miquel Street from August 30 to September 2.

On Friday, August 30 at 11:30 p.m., the image of the campaign was live painted on the informative tents located in Plana de l’Om. Such image was in charge of the illustrator Rubén Torres, author of the poster, with the idea and the graphic design from ​​La Factoria d'Imatges.

From La Factoria we want to spread this campaign out, which was focused at preventing sexist behaviours and aggressions during the Festa Major, to promote the responsible dispensation of alcohol among shops, entertainment and popular bars, and encourage people under the age of 18 of not to consume alcohol and youth people to prevent a risk consumption. 

Together, we must raise awareness and contribute to ensure that not only the Festa Major im Manresa can be celebrated and enjoyed without aggressions, but also each and every one of the parties around the world.