International Mission - LEGO and Capital of Children
La Factoria travels to Denmark to learn about LEGO® and Capital of Children

In mid-June, representatives of La Factoria team visited Billund, the city where LEGO ® was born and also the headquarters of the public-private Capital of Children initiative, in a mission with other member companies from Kid's Cluster.

The visit to the city, known as 'the European capital of childhood', allowed us to know a completely ecosystem focused on boys and girls with a great amount of leisure experiences and innovative educational proposals with the aim to meet the needs of the youngest and their families.

We had the opportunity to learn about LEGO® through some meetings and workshops: we got into the LEGO® philosophy through the LEGO® Education headquarter. Such place takes the charge of both the designing and the marketing of the construction games to encourage and learn mathematical, scientific, programming, technology and language skills to children from very early ages.

All the toys are designed to arouse the curiosity of children and children and encourage passion for discovery and research, while they develop social and emotional skills through the game at their own learning rate. During the meeting, we were able to see first-hand the hands-on philosophy that promote from LEGO® Education, which contributes to develop the students’ competence as creativity, trust, risk or originality.

During the trip we also had the chance to get in touch with another division of the Danish company: LEGO® Idea Studio. Such design studio offers a flexible and practice space full of funny elements of design, experimenting and creative done from the famous plastic bricks. In this space is where all the main innovative ideas of the companies are thought.

The participants also enjoyed an extensive tour guided by the LEGO® House, an experiential museum created and designed to know all the secrets of this famous game. The building, designed as a group of bricks stacked in balance one over the other, offers 4 different spaces where visitors can test their creativity, innovation, social skills and emotions through LEGO. Finally, we had also the chance to visit Legoland, the LEGO® theme park, where adrenaline and children’s services make up a scenario totally focused on their (and their families) enjoyment.

In order to finally understand the link between LEGO® and the Danish public education system, as participants in the mission, we were able to visit the Billund Municipal School. With this visit we discovered how the education system works in Denmark and how an almost indelible collaboration between the administration and the private company has been established for the stimulation of the STEAM vocations since early childhood.

During the trip, Capital of Children hosted us by explaining the secrets of both the city and of LEGO®. Capital of Children is a public-private initiative that emerged as a result of the cooperation between the city council and the toy manufacturer. From Coc they work with the main objective to make Billund the capital of children, a place where children can fully develop to become citizens of the world. CoC works from three major axes: Playful City, making Billund a kids-friendly city; Playful Learning, implementing educative projects in the municipal schools; and Playful Innovation, that promotes the cocreation of products and services linking companies and children through the Play User Lab.

All in all, the companies that traveled with Kid’s Cluster were able to know in depth the interior of an urban, educational and business ecosystem that is totally focused on children and families, as well as developing new links with the rest of participants, generating new opportunities of collaboration and exploring new lines of business. And, moreover, to let our own projects to be known in an international environment together with Kid’s Cluster.