1.  Aims

La Factoria d’Imatges, Serveis Gràfics, S.L. commits itself to protecting your privacy and personal data. In this Privacy Policy, we inform you of the ways in which we protect your personal information. We advise you to read it before accessing the content of the web.

La Factoria d’Imatges, Serveis Gràfics, S.L. strongly defends the fundamental right to privacy and to the protection of personal information, as well as conforming to national and European laws relating to privacy.

The present statement explains how La Factoria d’Imatges, Serveis Gràfics, S.L. treats and protects the information of persons who use our websites and in the context of our internal activities.

2.  The Responsible Body

The person responsible for the treatment of personal data provided by the website is La Factoria d’Imatges, Serveis Gràfics, S.L., with registered office at Gavarresa Street, 10, 08650 Cabrianes. Contact them through telephone +34 938 206 362 or email address: Any queries regarding the handling of your data, or related topics, may be sent to

3.  The data obtained

The personal information given by users may be handled by La Factoria d’Imatges, Serveis Gràfics, S.L. as the responsible body, will be kept and handled on the European continent.

When forms are used in order to collect personal information, the information given by the user will be understood to be correct, as it is the user him/herself who willingly enters his/her data on the forms available on our website and who is responsible for its veracity.

4.  Purposes of handling personal information

The personal information supplied on the forms available on our website will be treated with the aim to provide answers to your requests.

5.  Legitimation of the processing of your personal data

The legal base for processing your data to provide answers to the requests is of legitim interest. 

6.  Data conservation period

The personal data is kept for a period that is strictly necessary for carrying out of the purpose for which it was collected: provide answers to the user’s requests. After this period, the data will be blocked 6 months in case any problem occurs. Finally, all the data is deleted and destroyed after such period.

7.  Supply of Personal Data to Third Parties

La Factoria d’Imatges, Serveis Gràfics, S.L. will not supply your personal information to any third party, except if required to do so by a judge or by the public administration in the exercise of their powers.

8.  Rights that may be exercised

You will have the right to obtain clear and comprehensible information regarding how the ANC handles your personal data.

You will also have the right to access your personal data, to ask that incorrect information is corrected or to ask for it to be excised when, amongst other reasons, the information is no longer required for the purpose for which it was supplied, as well as to revoke previously agreed consent. You may also forbid the processing of your data, as well as limit this processing, in such a way that your data will not be excised but subject to limitations.

Transferability and processing due to automatic individual decisions do not apply here, given the type and the purposes of the processing.

However, exercise as not being subject of a decision based solely on automated treatment, including the elaboration of profiles, La Factoria d’Imatges, Serveis Gràfics, S.L. does not do any of these treatments.

The rights outlined above may be exercised by post or by email. You may send your request, together with a copy of your DNI or passport, setting out the right that you demand from La Factoria d’Imatges, Serveis Gràfics, S.L. at the addresses contained in Point 2 of this Policy.

9.  Right to Present a Claim to the Controlling Authority

Claims may be made at any time to the competent controlling authority.

10.Security Measures Applicable to Personal Data

La Factoria d’Imatges, Serveis Gràfics, S.L. applies all technical and organisational measures required, taking into account all the risks involved in the handling of personal information, in particular as the result of destruction, lost or accidental or illicit alteration of data transmitted, conserved or handled in a different form or its unauthorised communication or access.

The application of the technical and organisational measures foreseen takes account of the state of the technology, the costs of application and the nature, scope, context and purposes of the handling, as well as the risks of variable probability and gravity regarding the rights and liberty of the persons involved.

La Factoria d’Imatges, Serveis Gràfics, S.L. applies these security measures in order to guarantee a level of protection adequate to minimise the risks detected in analyses previously applied to handling for the entire period that the data is held and processed.

11.Changes to Privacy Policy

La Factoria d’Imatges, Serveis Gràfics, S.L. reserves the right to modify this privacy policy when necessary in order to take account of new laws or other regulations, in accordance with the good practice and procedures of La Factoria d’Imatges, Serveis Gràfics, S.L. and if required by the controlling authority.

Nonetheless, the relationship established with users before the Policy is modified will be treated according to the rules set out at the moment when the user accessed the web, without prejudice to what is set out in the General Regulations on Data Protection.

It is recommended that Internet users periodically consult this Policy before each access and to navigate through the web. this cookies policy that will be found on the Web.