An app to reinforce the mathematics basic skills with an adaptive learning.

The MakerTeacher project, developed for users for the first courses of primary education, has two main aspects: infinite activities and adaptation to the users’ real level thanks to the artificial intelligence used in the project.

We have developed an app (Terrific Maths) where users will have the chance of accessing an autonomous learning area, where they can practice mathematics through itineraries and games. Another option users will have is to learn the basic notions of mathematics by doing established itineraries by the teacher.

This project, moreover, has an authoring tool administered by a teacher. It is from this authoring tool where the teacher can create groups and, in these groups, add students. The teacher can also create projects with certain itineraries as a set of activities or as an exam. Moreover, the teacher can choose some prices or awards. From these itineraries, the student practices, learns and is assessed.